Saturday, August 8, 2015


"Toledo was just another good stop along the good king's highway..."
- Yes, Our Song

Of the thousands of rock lyrics that have been quoted over the years, this may be the very first mention of the above line from the progressive rock band Yes.  While not to be confused with great poetry, there is nonetheless a hidden gem here.  Do you know why Toledo is called out?

Toledo is mentioned because on a previous tour, the band played a concert there in an arena where the temperature inside reached 126 F, and probably even hotter on stage.  But far from complaining, the band merely viewed the concert as "just another good stop" on the tour.  Such is the power of flow and the power of doing something you love to do.

Contrast that with a lot of early retirement blogs.  I actually feel sad when I read many of them.  So much time and effort is spent making extra money and scrimping on expenses, and yet in the end, a lot of people only seem to aspire to more of the same.  One early retiree posted his weekly time schedule:
  • 20% - Eating
  • 20% - Household Chores
  • 15% - Video Games
  • 10% - Blogging
  • 10% - Reading
  • 10% - Relaxing
  • 5%   - Working Out
  • 5%   - Child Care
  • 5%   - Misc
Really?!?  Wow.  The irony, of course, is that if you added work, the list would probably look exactly the same as before retirement.  In other words, all that effort throughout life was simply about being able to stop working.  Everything was about avoiding something they didn't like to do.  Nothing was about finding something they would love to do.  I was really surprised how proud the writer was about this schedule and how the readers all said they longed for the same thing.

But such is the way of the world, I suppose.  Rousseau said, "Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains."  And too often, I am afraid, the chains are of our own making.