Saturday, November 7, 2015

Future Direction

It looks like most of my financial goals will be achieved in the next couple of months.  The first will be the mortgage: there is now only one payment left.  Other goals are likely to be completed shortly thereafter.  This means it will soon be time for action.

I've made decisions about many of the life direction issues that have taken me so long to untangle in my mind.  I finally have a tentative 2016 game plan for work, for leisure, for finances, for family, and even for how to end this blog properly.  In short, it's about how to change the trajectory of my life while I'm still in my late 40's.  I shall write about these ideas over the next few months as time permits.

Most of you are likely to be surprised by the details, and so I urge you in advance to keep an open mind.

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