Friday, January 4, 2013

Year-End Note

Just a quick year-end note.  I've updated the spreadsheets embedded in the net worth and investment portfolio pages, and it's been an extraordinarily good year for us financially. This is in spite of the fact that we gave away more money than we ever did before.  I'm also pleased to report that our passive income for 2013 should exceed $25K for the first time.  Things are progressing nicely.

I miss blogging, but overall this has worked out for the best.  I needed more time to concentrate on other things in life.  I wish everyone a belated Happy New Year.


  1. Congrats. Although that's an impressive dollar value increase in a single year, it looks like you had other years in the past with a greater percentage gain (98-99 for example).

    Glad your break from blogging is serving you well. Also glad to see you found time to post here briefly. Would be interesting to see it continue sporadically in the future.

  2. I was around for the last 366 days too and was not able to show an end of year 300K gain.

    Good Work!

  3. I made the decision to retire early after visiting my ailing out of state family. My spouse and I did some soul searching and addressed the pragmatic factors.

    I am leaving a job and career I love, but those choices meant the neglect of other things and retirement means putting other things first before it's too late.

    I came across your blog from 2009 and found it very helpful. I've had both positive and negative reactions and your perspectives are wise and of good common sense.

    I’ve had to field the boredom and resentment reactions, as well as the letting the feminists down by opting out, aren’t you lucky to afford it among other etceteras. I’m glad I insisted on being quiet about the decision because I didn’t want to show off or evoke resentments.

    One close friend who is muddling at this point in my life took my decision badly. While we draw the lines at different points, I am trying to be careful about what I say. You blog addresses that nicely.

    Kudos for taking time to do this and I wish you well!

  4. Thanks, Executioner, MW, and Anon. This blog is not completely dead, but it's on life support for the moment.

    Lately, I've been thinking of bringing it back as a summer-only blog. But we'll see how much time I really have when summer arrives...

  5. Wow! Those are some fantastic gains! I am glad to see you are still around a bit:).


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